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November is around the corner, and we are so excited. Yes, we are November babies! During this (before we were born) time, mom's tummy was still housing us in her tummy. Sometimes I can’t imagine that we were in there. It is unbelievable!
A recent conversation with mom:
"Mommy, you said I was in your Tummy before I was born, right?"
Yes, you and Pat were in here" Mom answered holding her tummy affectionately
I am still confused, and I laugh as I try to think. I scratch my head but nothing. I decide to speak my mind. I am however convinced that I am thinking right.
“Mommy, so your mouth became wide and big, and then we came out?" I blurted out even though I knew that it was funny to ask. How could I picture Mom's mouth so wide? But that was what I had in my tiny little mind.
"Lyn that is so funny. Can I open my mouth bigger than this?" she says as she tries to illustrate. I wonder what is so funny. I was so small and I was in her Tummy, right?
"Okay, what happened is, my tummy was cut?" She finally answered. I now cringed with some sort of pain. “Will you show me?” I asked with excitement. I have so many question, but which kid doesn’t. We are curious you know.
“I will as soon as we are done with your homework”, she promised and switched to another topic. I was excited and I still am, waiting for her to show me the scar…
In the spirit of welcoming our birth month, Young World will be celebrating with another soul. Together with Wedding Cake house, we are looking forward to giving away a birthday cake.
In order to participate, we only need you to do the following:
Simply comment by saying anything beautiful about that person (or you) who should get this gift.
The comment should be:
1.     On this post
2.     Facebook (Young World)
3.     Instagram (@bradmalyn)
Participation is between now and 11th November.

Cake Flavors are: Chocolate Oreo, Orange Chiffon, Nutty Black forest, White and velvet. 
After picking the lucky angel, you will be able to choose your flavor and have it delivered.
Have a lovely afternoon as you stay warm.



  1. You had me at CAKE!! I hope to win this for my mother, whom I have been away from for 12 years but get to see this month, which also happens to be her birthday month!! And for my little angel turning one

    1. hey Michelle, Thanks for your dropping by. Lets cross fingers and wait

  2. I would love to get this gift so I could at long last give it to my big sister on her birthday. She has been so supportive of me.

    Thank you Young World

    1. Cheers to big and supportive sisters.Thanks for reading and wish you luck

  3. Mmmmm..........NOVEMBER! What a perfect birth month chosen by @theirsmalworld and Wedding Cake House to give away a birthday cake! It is the same month we celebrate my Mom's birthday and a cake for her from you guys will be just perfect. She's my angel, always has been!

    1. Thanks for dropping by sharon.You are sweet and She sure deserves a cake.

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