Being the Small Brother

"Let them be Little"
"Don't rush things that need to grow"

 I finally decided to let mom focus on me this time round. I like being the boy behind the lens, but this time, I let go that for a moment. Mom was a little surprised, and I liked that. What I also loved is the fact that Lyn was trying her best to give me tips, which I was grateful for, but I just wanted to be me.

I know how my sister tries to be the girl in charge at some point, but what she fails to understand is that I am the man boy of the house. She throws tantrums at a higher rate than I do. I don't understand why, but maybe I should. She didn't enjoy 'the only baby' time with Mom and Dad, because I came too early in her life. I am considered the baby of the house, and you know what that means. I enjoy those moments, but not always. Many a times I prefer to be treated the same level as her. For example, I don't need to stay in bed longer, only to wake up and realize she is gone with Dad to school. I want to wake up and go to her School. I want to be given a pencil to draw shapes and write down all their names. I don't just need a crayon and coloring book! I want to master my speech well so that I don't have to repeat myself twice or three times for people to finally understand what I am saying (It is frustrating you know). Am in such a hurry to get to her level, but what I get is "In time you will". What I know is that when I get there, there will be serious competition in the house. Baby steps it is!

She might be my big sister, but I do feel her. For those times she needs to be a role model to me and for those times she wants to be a baby too. For example, when she is needy and crying, a lot, I go hug her or offer her whatever I had snatched away from her. When she is acting all big, I secretly pinch her and act all Innocent, and when Mom/Dad is disappointed at me, I reluctantly will say SORRY, and we are back to being friends, and then fight again. The cycle repeats itself over and over again.

All in all, we are happy to be siblings and friends forever.

Stay warm and enjoy the post. Appreciating all your views, comments, likes and follows. Enjoy the rest of the week guys.

What are the crazy things you did to your big/small sibling? comment below

 I love the scarf now that the weather has totally gone cold.



  1. Hehehehe, nice article, mmmm

  2. Thanks I guess you relate with it well,huh??

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  4. You have given me an idea for tomorrow. I like that scarf Bradley
    About being the small brother. I totally get you. I would let my sister's admirers to come home without telling them my parents were around. Total burst for my sis and them. Great post by the way

    1. That was mean and funny. I can imagine how furious they were. About getting outfit idea, am glad i inspired :)


    2. That was mean and funny. I can imagine how furious they were. About getting outfit idea, am glad i inspired :)



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