It's Never Easy

People think that I pose easily for shoots by looking at my pictures. But, no no no... I give mom a hard time. I am a very active (playful) girl, and those who know me can agree. I run here and there. Mom only needs to say magical words for me to agree.

Honestly I don't know how she gets to get so many pictures at the end. My condition to be calm and have pictures taken has always been, to have only three pictures taken. How stupid of me to think that when she can take continuous shots or even mute the phone camera.

Sometimes the magical words don't  work on me. Like this particular day. I was just, not in the mood. I just wanted to sit on my lil brother's bike.

I am in a white tee with graphics (of me and my bff) and a white skirt. A denim jacket was thrown over my shoulder to change the whole white look.

Have a beautiful week beautiful souls.



  1. Malyn looks so pretty..and i love how her hair is always neat

  2. Thanks Abby dear for dropping by..Atleast i have some basic hair dressing knowledge, but we try


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