Borrowed Blazer -(from Lil Bro)

"I hate you! I wont play with you again!"
We play apart for sometime, then we later play together, share our toys and then laugh.
Because for us Kids, HAPPINESS is all that matters more than PRIDE

Getting blazers that fit me perfectly has not been working out well. Yes I have jackets, trench coats and cardigans/jumpers, but a pretty blazer, not yet there. Blazers are a must have for us kids too. We don't want to be snuggling all day in jackets or jumpers. As we grow up, we also want to be pretty in dresses, trousers, shorts and all those beautiful outfits (we can rock them well more than adults, you know *wink).

So mommy was lucky to get across a blazer that she intended to give it to Brad. When I saw it, I actually did scream "Is it mine?". But she said it was for Brad, but I could try and see if it could fit. It was my luck that it did fit me, and so, I can enjoy it at the moment.

For this look, I added the navy blue blazer on the polka dot dress. Since we were upcountry and heading to a funeral, this was just perfect for the day.

We recently had someone join us. His name is DUDE. Thank you aunt Salma, Uncle Jay and Jay for this little and priceless guy.

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