Pink All the Way

We all want to have that well behaved, confident,God fearing and bright kid. But that starts with us parents. You can't be a neglecting parent and expect your kid to be well behaved and be one who will easily fit with others.

A parent will either be a permissive (friend-parent), an authoritarian, a neglecting or authoritative parent. Those are the parent styles that most lie. All in all, we just have to remember that, our kids will grow up as they have been raised. Try and instill descipline, as well let them be independent by making their own choices. Not meaning that whatever they will choose will be right, but we have to be there to guide them on what's  right.

Lyn is in a pink stripped skater skirt on a white tee. Apparently she has come to like that hair style. Anyway, all the pieces were thrifted. Aren't they pretty and unique??

Have a beautiful day and thanks for keeping it Young World


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