Let's Tie and Dye

We are always excited and look forward to weekends. Why? These are the two days we get to be with our families and also friends. To a mother, as much as she might be excited, these two days maybe just as hectic as any other day. I mean, preparing kids, food and if you have plans for going out, then ensuring that everything is packed and ready will be in your schedule too. That's just but part of the to-dos. But nevertheless,  I do look forward to weekends or holidays.

For a sunny Saturday or Sunday,  and you have plans for a swim, would this dress not be perfect for your girl? A tie and dye maxi dress. Am lucky to have stumbled on three beautiful pieces and this blue became Lyn's favourite (She loves blue). It is light and not much effort is put in dressing it up.

Have a beautiful and lovely day.

What do you get excited for when the weekend comes around?



  1. Loving the tie n dye..such a cute kid..xx


    1. You are the best, and thanks for always saving time to check the posts


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