Good Reads: Part 2

As a parent and lover of a good book, when I go to the Shopping centre, I spend a bit more time in the book section. There are great books that am sure if you get to get a look at, you might just want to buy all or better still, be confused on what to pick.

Today, I had free time to walk around and as i was trying to get some weave for myself ( which I kept missing from most shops), I walked into Nakumatt West Side. I also didn't get the weave, and so I decided to go look at what they had in the kid's book section. I found myself picking and liking most them. At that moment, I knew this was going to be an impulse buy. I loved all the fairy tale books, moral story books, etc. But then, I had to pick the ones I most liked, and so I picked four but added one more...and thought to myself, ' I will be back for the rest'.

The 'look and say picture' book is the best when you want kids to improve on their memory as well as enjoy  story time.   As one reads for the kids, the kids are allowed to use their memory to remember what the picture in between the words represent.

The moral book is also a good book to read to your kids everyday in order to instill some lessons. These books have interesting stories we were once told by our grandparents, and a moral lesson is under each story.

Then the elvis phonics book. A good book for a child who has been mastering her reading skill.

Happy reading as you enjoy the rest of your day.


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