Velvet Jumpsuit

Hello beautiful Souls,
Who said putting kids to bed should be easy especially if they have just taken some sweets. At that moment; they want to jump on the bed, scream their hearts out, make you believe that if you read them a book they will sleep. Only to realize they are wide awake. Very much awake. Those are the nights I finally drag myself to bed after these angels are fast asleep. At that moment they are so innoscent and peaceful. And then a smile shows up on your face.

Of late, as I put them to bed, I have been playing a collection from Accapella. The most soothing and beautiful number is called HUSH. Anyone would love it.

Back to the post now. Lyn is dressed in a velvet jumpsuit. A necklace and belt were added. She then picked mum's purse.

Jumpsuit: Thrifted
Necklace: mum's
Waist belt: mum's

Thats not a flute...

 Then comes black and white.



  1. Such a pretty little thing..she looks good.

    1. Thanks Linda. You are the best

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