Lake Nakuru Tour: Part 1

Kenya is a beautiful place, but we fail to appreciate this. If you get a chance, go visit This beautiful places. We live only once, so better enjoy it today. 

Being a Sunday,  it was church then touring.  Lyn dressed in a white T-shirt, pink ruffled skirt and wedges.

Lake Nakuru National Park is the place we will mention today. The weather this day that we decided to go out was not bad. It was the best weather to go touring the park. Why? Because we didn't want to get stuck somewhere in the park because of fallen trees or mud. 

Lyn changed into a trouser and flats for a relaxed and comfortable look.

We had the best guide who made sure we explored the park and seen beautiful views and animals...

..and tiny creatures..

After the long ride, we got to rest and had our lunch at the Sarova Lion Hill Lodge. A beautiful place it was.



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