Good Reads: Part 1

So mom and Dad love books, and they have their library of books that is always getting more and more packed. Besides that, we also have our library that is slightly not much, but, yes it is growing.

I, lyn, love them all. I have also taken a keen interest in these little comic magazines that come in the bewspaper. I can read, but I just look through the pictures at the moment. I love listening to mum and dad can reading for us as they try to sound funny with different character sounds.

Bradley, at the moment tries so much to do what I do. If he sees me ride a bike then he will go take his bike. If he sees me doing my homework, he runs to mum so he can get his pencil and book, and if I get a book from our small library, he will either try to snatch it away or get his own, which rare.

So that's us. Fighting at times, smiling together other times or just trying to be good siblings as we are constantly reminded by our parents.

If you want to broaden up your kids mind and vocabulary, buy them books. We might not be able to read well right now, but who said we cannot get a good book to go through, even if it is staring at the beautiful and amazing pictures. We learn by seeing how the world revolves. We learn through pictures. By observing through our eyes.

Currently, these are among the favourite reads. Hope to share more.

Big Brother, little Brother - Penny Dale
I think mum chose this for one reason, I know; for us to play and share as siblings.

Good Dog Carl - Alexandra Day
Its just a good book for any kid. Brad likes it so much. I pray and wish I could just get a good puppy for myself. Wishful thinking.

They come inside the daily nation newspaper. Atleast I get one every week. Thank you Nation Newspaper for the free editions.

Have a beautiful Friday and coming weekend...and remember to get yourself a good book.

Your comments and views on the post are highly appreciated.


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