Soft Braids

From my experience, i started plaiting Lyn's hair very early, even though some may say not that early. When i started plaiting her, many said it was early but i didn't really mind that, provided i knew i was doing it myself, and it was not the tight cornrows. I  actually started when she was two or three months, and I basically did the loose kind because I knew her scalp was still weak.

I have been doing her hair all this while, and only once have she been plaited in the salon. However, when it comes to blow drying her hair, I really don't do it often, but washing is what I ensure 'that it is very regular'. Every weekend, her hair is washed with a mild shampoo, then dry it naturally.

Kids Hair Advice

So I believe the important thing when dealing with kids hair is:
  • Checking on the products we use on them. They should be mild because their scalps are still sensitive and soft. 
  • When plaiting, the braids or cornrows should not be too tight. You don't want your kid to start loosing her hairline that early.
  • Don't force them. Find the best time you can do their hair. For instance, I found that making Lyn's hair was smooth when she was asleep, and she would sleep until I was done. Okay, right now she is a big girl and she can accept to have her hair done anytime.
  • If your Kid cries a lot when it comes to doing her hair, be it plaiting or braiding, then you should try another person. Sometimes, it is their first experiences that determines if they will be afraid or not, when plaiting or hair related issue is mentioned.

More hair tips to be shared. Keep checking  and thank you for always reading.


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