Denim Striped Jumpsuit

Its Friday, and the weekend is here, and that means a whole weekend for family time. 

Thinking....and still thinking.. I am trying to find the best way to spend this weekend with the kids and my hubby... it seems I still need to think more..

Today's Parenting Extra
Kids make mistakes, and as parents, we have to know how to deal with such situations. Many find it easy to focus on the negative actions made by their kids. They end up yelling and screaming, and then ignore the good things they do. The words that you hear are "Don't do that. Don't say that". As parents, we have to know how to fix such and see what positive things they do and reward them for good behavior. It doesn't mean giving them candy or buying them something. Giving them a BIG hug, kissing them and saying nice words like "Wow, that is beautiful". "I like how you behaved sweetie". "That is my lovely boy/girl". Just sweet words that will make your kid to give you a sweet and Big smile that will melt your heart away.

Enjoy the post beautiful people


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