Family Valentine's Day

So what comes into your mind when 'Valentine's Day' is mentioned? Seriously.

Based on my not so extensive research, i have come to realize that people associate Valentine's Day with Love. Yes, Love, but what people fail to do, is realize that it is not just about wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend. It is about all people involved in your love triangle. Your kid, your best friend, your mother, your father, your cousin and so on. The ones you love,stressing on that.
So for me, this special day am planning to enjoy it with my family. Since the ones accessible are my very close one (Hubby, Malyne and Brad-Pat), i want to try and make this day special. and maybe make it a tradition. A tradition that won't be messed up even if this special day is on a weekday.

That said, i have several ideas any parent can do with their kids.

Expressing Love through notes:
Sitting around a table, say dining table, (Ok not necesarily), let everyone write down on notes why they love each member. For kids, you can help them, or just let them say it loud. This all time, you can have it recorded on video or audio. Isnt that fun? especially when you hear a small kid trying to express his/her feelings. I do, and i know you do.

Valentine's Day special gifts and trinkets:
Show your kids and partner some sweet gestures by buying them gifts. Books, trinkets and just anything will brighten up their day. If you can, you can even make some braceletes that they will get to wear and remember you. How sweet.

A Special Valentine's Day Mailbox
Make it so special in that it will stay in their memories. A pretty mailbox can be made for each kid to drop any card/letter each Valentine's Day. How sweet for them to store all these and still see them in future. This is the ultimate one. My choice, that is.

Local Tourism:
This can be based on the Kids choice. You can have them pick their own preference from a list. It can be an amusement park, botanical garden, restaurant or animal park (in kenya, it can be sheldricks park, nairobi museum, Ostrich Farm, giraffe Centre and so many others).You as a family can then go have fun.

Dinner Served:
At the end of the day, you can have a delicious dinner at home. And if the Kids were too tired because of being busy the whole day, monny and Daddy, can decide to go out to their favourite restaurant for a date. Sweet and Loving Day it was.
 I hope you get to enjoy your Valentines Day sweet reader.
Talk to you soon


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