From working through a busy daily schedule to managing kids, its never easy for any parent. However, in the end you always feel fullfilled, and blessed when you are resting and watching those angelic and innocent faces fast asleep(and very peaceful).

Personally I have to deal with sibling rivalry, and tantrums everyday. Sometimes I get to a certain point of trying to solve their issues where I feel like I will get insane. Unfortunately I have to put these little people to order.

To solve their problems parents do use several measures such as time-outs, cane/stick, setting down the rules etc. Even with all these, they are young and 'the not-to-dos' can be repeated. At the end I try to talk quietly (thats after some punishment like timeout) with them and pray to God that they grow up to be disciplined kids.

What I believe is this:

Be firm when needed and not harsh
Listen to your kids and don't interupt them when they talk
Don't criticize your child
At times ask your child for his/her opinion
Replace sarcasm with kindness
Encourage and appreciate their little efforts
Spare time away from phone/TV/computer to be with your child
Remembering that being a parent is a gift
Forgive yourself when you mess up
And..pray for wisdom

That's just but a few things we can do.

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