Birthday Memories-November Girl

I actually had thought it would be December, but this November girl was so eager to check out of her nine month room in November. My precious. My girl. My baby.  My seeet-pie. My "all sweet words"..

Born November 17th, Lyn as tiny as she was and eyes wide open, I still can see and feel like it was just yesterday. By the way,  she had to come out through c-section because she was a big girl.

Growing up, she has been an angel and a brat, I would say. Before speaking well, she would blabber some unspoken words, and everyone thought, or rather said she was speaking chinese. And, she never stopped speaking her own language. Something funny she took time to start making sense, and finally she did it.

She was also hyperactive,  and some people thought I should take her to see a Doc, but I wouldnt do that. Who would want to have her/his jovial little child go for medication and end up so dull. I wouldn't do that in my case. But she's grown and now she's both active and shy to strangers.

When her brother checked out, in November too, she was happy and envious too. Brad's arrival brought some competion, which still exists by the way. Things to share, attention from both mum and dad, and so much more. As much as they fight most part of the day, she knows Brad Patrick is her brother. And she prays for him everyday, and gives him a night and morning kiss. Sweet, isn't it?

My only wish, is that she grows up beautifully,  and prosperous. I pray for blessings from God upon her paths. Amen to that.  

Enjoy, and have the greatest times as we get into the holiday mood.


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