Birthday Memories-November Boy

Since, I had the dates already fixed by the Doc, 28th November, I had no choice, but i kept wishing it would be 1st Dec though. Somehow,  there was an extension till 30st November. This is Brad Patrick.

Even, before he was born he was already named Patrick automatically because he was the first grandson. I just added bradley.

Since he was born before he had actually planned, he had to stay in the phototherapy equipment for two more days before he could go home. And he came out healthy and a strong boy.

Bradley is a jovial boy.  Always smiling and shy at the moment. Everday is a hustle to solve their cases. They both compete for absolutely everything. And at the same time, they are sweet to each other, but this is at a lower percentage.

I celebrate and adore the two angels. I pray that He grows up to be a strong boy, and may the Lord shine upon his paths. Amen and amen.

Enjoy this festive season. Have a fantastic week lovelies


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