Filter Effect

With all this new amazing applications for our phones, who wouldnt love the filter effect coming with them.

I love cymera. It's an application that you won't miss in my phone. It does magic to pictures that didn't come out well.

This morning,  in a hurry to prepare malyn for a three (3) hour session with her friends at school, I took some pictures inside the house but the light wasn't enough. I thought of taking some later after school but i didn't manage. There and then, cymera came screaming into my ears.

So this is what happened. The pictures show the before and after filter effect.

Cymera has alot more features. This ranges from simple editing tools like cropping to beautifying tools such as concealer, makeup and filtering.

As much as it helps improve pictures,  I love pictures that come out beautiful on natural light.

Malyn was dressed in animal print tights, black scaff, white sweater and black doll shoes.

Hope you enjoyed and if you don't have cymera, you better try it too.

Have a fabulous time lovelies.


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