Turqoise on White and Blue jeans

Its been a great Saturday even though i have been down with a cold. Saturday was great but Sunday was most fun. We took the kids (Lyn, Pat, and two cousins) out to Sheldrick's Park to see the baby Elephants. It was a great experience for all, including us grown ups.
Still on that, i just couldn't believe how the Foreign folks outnumbered us Kenyans. Guys, you need to visit these places. It is fun seeing them in person. Its what we call Domestic Tourism
Okay, back to the outfit. Lyn likes this t shirt. She thinks its blue by the way. So i started with a white short and it all looked great. Then i realized the place is so dusty and we had to change to an hem elasticized blue jeans. 
For both outfits, she put on black and white old-skool shoes
Her hair had cornrows, so i just undid them and brushed her hair with the big anti-tangle comb.

Have a great week.


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