Brother - Sister

Here they come. These are the two adorable little ones on this blog. Even though you might be able see some other beautiful angel(s)

To be totally honest, Lyn or Brad are not writing or editing any post in this blog. It all me! their mom. But i hope soon enough, they will be up for it.

Malyn/Lynne/Lyn/Marita/Rita/Maritza/Martha is a cheeky girl, and surprisingly shy. She loves fun, smiling, and being playful. 
Lyn likes watching cartoons. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Spongebob,Winnie the Pooh are among her favorite daily cartoon shows and Simba, Ice Age, The Lorax and the blue Smurfs are her movies. She can watch anytime and still laugh at any hilarious scene.
Every little girl likes color PINK, however, my little Sweet-pie used to love BLUE and anything that is BLUE. If it was a princess dress, she would have picked the blue one, if it was a cartoon princess, then she would gladly pick Princess Jasmine because she is a princess in blue dress. All the same, if there is no Blue, she will still do with Pink. That is why as she has grown up, her love of pink is now shown. "Girls love pink," that her currently.
 Did i mention she is a tomboy most of the time? Yes she is and still does.

Patrick/Pat/Bradlyn/Brad, is the young man of the house. He is an adorable little boy who is always smiling. He is also the shy type. At the moment, he so close to mommy (Mommy's Boy). You can't take or carry him just like that. He knows how to shake his head continuously when he doesn't want something.
At the moment, what i can say about his likes is that he likes music. Between watching a movie and music, he prefers music. Yes, he also watches cartoon shows and he laughs too when there is anything funny.
His favorite color is blue and red because of his love for the McQueen-cartoon character in Cars.

In a nutshell, this are my two angels. More on them will still come. This was just but an introduction.

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